Treat your feet – General Feet Care

It’s that time of year again, the weather is warming up and it’s time to show off those toes! You know what that means, it’s time to treat your feet with general feet care.

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What makes treating your feet with general feet care great?

What better way to make your feet feel both confident and comfortable as you head out and about? Who can do this? Busy mums (and dads too), ladies or gents always on their feet and pretty much everyone who wants to relax, unwind and put your feet up for a little while so they get the pamper treatment they deserve. Synergy SW, we’re happy to help you out.


Take a step forward

Let’s face it, there’s nothing worse than pulling your favourite pair of strappy sandals out of the cupboard only to discover that your feet look like they have been in hibernation for what feels like forever! Dry, bumpy heels and nails that need a bit of TLC. Nobody wants that look.


Podiatry services available – a confident step forward

What are some ways you can look after your feet to give them the ultimate treatment they deserve? Make sure you keep them clean, look out for any unusual issues and always wear the right shoes.

Our team at Synergy SW can recommend what is best for you and what you wish to achieve.

If it is restoring toenails to have them look great for summer, then we can go over the Keryflex treatment which is safe and effective to have you walking proud again.

Amongst our other services available should you have any wart or fungal nail issues or wish to get out into more physical activities.

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We can help you achieve the correct direction for your feet

Get those comfy sandals and thongs out and let your beautiful toes see and be seen by the world again, especially after you treat your feet with general feet care.

If in doubt when it comes to your feet, leave it to the professionals. We love your feet and will be happy to help you treat your toes, especially if those pretty sandals are begging to be worn. Give us a call to find out more info or jump online to book an appointment.

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