The Benefits of KeryFlex Nail Restoration

The Benefits Of KeryFlex Nail Restoration are here for you

Have you got broken, damaged, or split toenails? You don’t have to put up with it or the look of damaged toenails anymore. The answer is KeryFlex Nail Restoration.

Enjoy the KeryFlex Nail Restoration benefits as the look of your nails improve. You no longer have to feel self-conscious if you have a permanent nail condition, or about your damaged toe nails.

There are numerous KeryFlex nail restoration benefits that can be of assistance to you. The experts at Synergy Sports & Wellness centre have been trained in KeryFlex application, so you can be sure you will be in good hands.

The Benefits Of KeryFlex Nail Restoration
The Benefits Of KeryFlex Nail Restoration

Keryflex Benefits For You

KeryFlex Nail Restoration is a cosmetic treatment that improves the appearance of your nails. It is made from a composite resin. It creates a flexible, durable nail that attaches itself to your natural nail.

This artificial nail will grow out with your natural nail underneath.

If your nail has been damaged or if you have unattractive toe nail pathology (nail defects, fungus, thickening or discolouration), KeryFlex can be the ideal short term cosmetic solution.

KeryFlex can be applied over the toe nail, giving it a natural healthy appearance. As it is non-porous, new fungal infections will not develop.

This treatment is not nail repair ‘glue’, merely holding a cracked nail together.

KeryFlex forms an entirely new artificial nail like cover over the top of the old damaged toenail, which is particularly ideal for those with large sections of a nail missing.

When should KeryFlex Nail restoration be used?

This nail repair treatment can be used to improve the look of your toenails in a variety of conditions.

If you need to repair broken nails, split toenails or damaged nails, KeryFlex is for you. KeryFlex can even be a fungal nail repair ‘treatment’.

It does not take away the infection but rather improves the cosmetic appearance of the nail, allowing the natural nail to heal as you take antifungal medication.


Trust the experts

The team at Synergy Sports & Wellness Centre Nunawading  are specialists in KeryFlex nail restoration application.

At Synergy Sports & Wellness, you will have access to podiatrists and professionals capable of employing the best treatments in nail repair, Prolotherapy, sports injuries, and pain management for your feet.


You shouldn’t have to tolerate damaged nails or feel self-conscious about them any longer

Allow one of our specialists at Synergy Sports & Wellness to apply a KeryFlex nail restroration treatment and give new life to your nails.

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