Pregnancy back pain – how your chiro can help

If the discomfort of pregnancy back pain is making your life a little more challenging than usual, it might be time to drop in and see your chiro for a little bit of relief.

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Get in early to support yourself

The good news is you don’t actually have to wait for pregnancy back pain to kick in before you take yourself off to the chiropractor for any treatment. It can also be used as a preventative measure to help you prepare for the changes your body is about to experience with a growing foetus.


What can cause pregnancy back pain?

There are actually a number of reasons why pregnant women will feel pain radiating from their lower back area.

  • Firstly, as your body releases hormones in preparation for delivering the baby, joints and ligaments will loosen and soften.
  • The expanding growth of your uterus shifts your centre of gravity and stretches and weakens your abdominal muscles. This of course changes your posture and your back pays the price.
  • Gaining weight can put pressure on your back.
  • The position and/or weight of your baby itself can create pressure on your lower back.
  • Stress and worry plus tiredness.
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How can your chiro help relieve your pregnancy back pain?

The earlier you come to see us at Synergy SW, the sooner we can help ease the pain you’re experiencing. Chiro is one natural, non-invasive way, potentially relieving pregnancy aches and pains. We’ll help identify where the pain is coming from and help find a way (either via adjustments or exercises) to alleviate the pain you’re experiencing to bring about some comfort for you and your baby.


Keeping you on a straight line to a wonderful pregnancy

Keeping your body and spine in proper alignment is super important to your mobility, flexibility and overall health even if you aren’t pregnant. So throw in a tiny growing life and it becomes even more important! We all know pregnancy puts extra strain on your body and chiro care can help make a difference. Not only is it safe, it is also effective, quick and it works.


Next Step

If any of this sounds like you and something you need, give us a call or come and see our team. We are in south eastern Melbourne in two locations covering the following areas:

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