Pinched Nerves and Back Pain

There’s not much worse than dealing with pinched nerves and back pain with all that it entails. It can leave you struggling to move around freely and even worse, bed ridden.

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Feeling a twinge or discomfort in your back?

Back pain and pinched nerves happens because of pressure on the nerves near the vertebrae in the spine. You may notice a range of symptoms, including sharp pain and numbness, causing you to be extremely uncomfortable.

You may also notice other symptoms associated with your back pain – pinched nerves including weakness, muscle spasms and even reflex loss.

A pinched nerve in your back may come out of nowhere or could be the result of an injury from a fall or similar.

Aside from normal wear-and-tear with age, other risk factors which may contribute to a pinched nerve in the lower back include:

  • poor posture, especially from computer work
  • not getting enough regular exercise
  • improper lifting
  • repetitive movements
  • overweight or obesity
  • smoking

Don’t Just lay there waiting for it to go away, seek professional advice

Usually, rest is recommended for a pinched nerve, but if you’re experiencing ongoing pain in your lower back despite rest, it’s important to see your health care provider for a proper diagnosis. It’s crucial to find out what’s causing your pain, so you can get the proper treatment for your condition.

Aside from the usual suspect treatments (rest, working on your posture, stretching, applying ice or heat packs, etc), Synergy SW can also help relieve the pain of pinched nerves.

Our chiropractic team understands the body and nerve system and can apply the right pressure to help ease the pain and tension and assist with your recovery. We have worked with countless patients living with pain and assisted them with pinched nerve treatment.

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