Picking School Shoes For Children

Picking school shoes for kids can be a process if you don’t know what they need.

With the new school year around the corner, school shoes will definitely be on your mind! You may need some footwear advice for kids.

Children will spend over 100 days a year in school shoes. And they outgrow them fast. There are so many factors that go into purchasing school shoes. Looking for footwear advice for kids? You’ve come to the right place.

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Picking School Shoes for Kids

It can all get a little confusing and maybe even daunting. You want to get a shoe that is comfortable, long-wearing, looks good and is inexpensive.

That’s a lot of boxes that need ticking, and chances are you won’t be able to tick all of them for one pair of shoes without spending a good chunk of money on them. Or have things changed?


Big brand or budget?

The good news is, cheaper doesn’t mean inferior. Gone are the days when only the most expensive and well-known brands would be able to withstand kids constant activity.

You know, the walking, running, skipping and jumping, all that movement. These days, you can find functional and stylish school shoes without spending a small fortune on them.

That’s great news, considering that your kids may go through more than one pair a year.

Podiatry Kids Feet

Feet expand as the day goes on

So get professionally fitted at the end of the day and always look out for these:

The shoes were tested on a variety of surfaces

There is enough room between the longest toe and the end of the shoe

The widest part of the shoe corresponds with the widest part of the foot

A firm heel counter (the firm part at the end of the shoe)

A midsole that bends at the toes, not the middle of the foot

They don’t have too much flexibility – shoes that bend or twist too much don’t offer enough support

A slight heel to facilitate the foot toward a the foot in a neutral position

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Seek Professional Advice

Remember, these are shoes that will be worn almost everyday. Seeking professional advice from Synergy SW may be a good idea. Their experienced practitioners offer podiatry services for kids finding the best solution for school shoes. They also offer advice and treatment for sporting or other injuries, feet and back pain, flat feet and any foot-related skin conditions or issues with toenails.

All you want is for your kids to be comfortable while they’re at school. Make an appointment with Synergy SW so you can find the right shoes for them.