How to deal with painful feet issues – corns

So, what happens when they aren’t in walking order? How to deal with painful feet issues – corns in particular, is one thing Synergy SW can definitely help you with!

They are the part of our body that keep us upright and help us get around.

If you are already searching for ways on how to deal with painful feet issues – like corns – chances are it’s either something that has been plaguing you for a long time with no treatment success or you’ve just entered a whole new world. Either way, you have come to the right place.

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The root cause

So where do we start when it comes to how to deal with painful feet issues like corns?

Firstly, what is a corn and what causes it?

Corns and their counterpart calluses present as thick, hardened layers of skin. It happens because your skin is trying to protect itself from rubbing and pressure which is often caused by shoes that don’t fit properly (particularly high heels in women), not wearing socks with your shoes, standing/walking/running for long periods or even physical hobbies, sports activities or even work that puts pressure on your feet.

Where will you find corns?

Most of the time you’ll find them in places like the tops and sides of your feet and between the toes.

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Can I treat feet corns?

The good news is, they are treatable! You can take self-care measures like paying attention to your feet and looking after them by making sure you are wearing the correct fitting shoes and using protective pads on your feet. If your corns are causing extreme pain and troubling you, Synergy Sports and Wellness Centre is here to help. Our podiatrist can assess your feet and recommend the best treatment options, from removing the corns to discussing your footwear and what your options are moving forward to provide you with the long-term relief you need.

Want to know more? Get in touch with the team at Synergy SW, we’re always here to help!

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