Back Pain Strains and Sprains

There’s nothing worse than experiencing back pain strains and sprains. It can consume your whole body and leave you feeling extremely uncomfortable.

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When it comes to your back pain – strains and sprains

It’s important to treat the problem as soon as possible to prevent possible further damage. Initially rest, anti-inflammatory medicine and heat or cold packs can help ease the pain. But if pain persists, it may be time to look at further intervention.


It’s time to get in touch with your healthcare provider for your back pain if:

  • The strains and sprains last longer than a few weeks
  • It is severe enough to cause extreme discomfort
  • You are unable to walk more than a few steps at a time
  • The pain spreads further around your body
  • You see no improvement from rest


We know back pain can affect anyone and everyone

Let’s start with the basics: What is a back strain?

A back strain is an injury to either a muscle or a tendon. Twisting or pulling a muscle or tendon can result in a strain. You can also cause a strain by incorrectly lifting something or by overstressing your back muscles.

A sprain can occur after a fall or sudden twist or even a blow to your body forcing a joint out of its usual position.

What Next?

If any of this sounds like you, we at Synergy SW are here to do what we can!

While minor strains and sprains can be treated at home, we highly recommend you see a member of our chiropractic team, who may be able to assist or offer ways to help manage your condition.

The earlier we treat your back pain, the higher the chance of preventing permanent damage caused by chronic lower back pain.

For further assistance, or to find out more about how we may be able help you, reach out to our clinic team.

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