How Synergy Nunawading is using Keryflex Nail Treatments

Here at Synergy Sports & Wellness Nunawading, we love helping our patients overcome pain and improve their overall health.

We also know our patients want to look and feel good while their body heals.

That’s why our team is so excited to have the opportunity to offer our podiatry patients the KeryFlex system.

KeryFlex Nail Treatment is an innovative and professional nail restoration system and has been named one of the top ten innovations in podiatric care by Podiatry Today.

What is KeryFlex?

KeryFlex is a nail restoration system intended to return your damaged toenails to a more aesthetic appearance, whether they were damaged from injury, fungal infection, or some other cause.

KeryFlex Nail Treatment creates a non-porous and flexible nail plate that can instantly improve the appearance of nails. The process also protects the underlying tissue and encourages growth and restoration during any toenail treatments your podiatrist may further recommend.

Synergy SW Toenail Services

How it works

A resin material is applied and bonded to the natural nail with a special light to harden it.
Your KeryFlex specialist can shape the nail to give it a natural and smooth appearance.

What are the benefits?

The KeryFlex system itself does not treat ailments or infections, but rather, works in conjunction with medical and other interventions to minimise your discomfort. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that only takes about twenty minutes and can be applied to any natural nail with as little as 15% remaining.
Your KeryFlex nail should only need to be replaced every six to ten weeks, depending on your natural rate of nail growth.
The resin nail will not be affected by acetone, nail polish, or detergents so there is no need to protect it from these substances.

Our podiatric services have always been of the highest quality and the addition of the KeryFlex system is the next step in enhancing Synergy’s expertise.
With this system, not only can we take care of your nail injury or disease, but we can also send you away confident in the appearance of your feet.

With over thirty years of experience we have some of the best practitioners on our team.

So call now to find out if the KeryFlex system can help you too!