Be On Your Game with Sports Chiropractor Nunawading

If pain, injury or a niggling muscle spasm is getting in the way of you being at your game best, it’s high time you booked in with your local sports chiropractor Nunawading.


Sports Chiropractor Nunawading

Our Sports Chiroptractors

At Synergy Sports & Wellness Centre, our sports chiropractor specialises in the treatment and management of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions related to sports and physical activity.

A sports chiropractors can assess your needs and employ the best evidence-based techniques, including manual therapy, exercise, and rehabilitation, all of which are intended to help athletes and active individuals prevent injuries, recover from injuries, and potentially improve their overall performance.


Our Therapies

One of our Nunawading sports chiropractors may recommend the use of manual therapy to help you. Manual therapy can include techniques such as spinal manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue therapy.

One of our professional sports chiropractors might also recommend a personalized exercise or rehabilitation treatment. This may include the use of specific exercises and stretches to improve strength, flexibility and balance, as well as the use of equipment such as resistance bands and weights.

These exercises and therapies are intended help to prevent injuries, improve overall fitness and performance, and potentially aid in the recovery from injuries.

A visit to Synergy Sports & Wellness Centre will also provide you with education and possible advice on injury prevention.

Our team at Synergy Sports & Wellness can offer our professional advice on the following:

• How to properly warm up and cool down before and after physical activity
• The correct way to stretch and use safe technique
• How to properly maintain equipment

And much more.

Sports Chiropractor

In the past, our team has also been able to work closely with other healthcare professionals such as physical therapists, athletic trainers, and primary care physicians in order to provide comprehensive care for our patients.

So don’t let that injury stop your game play.

Book a consultation with a member of our team today!