Dr. Alistair Huett

Dr. Alistair Huett


Dr. Alistair Huett graduated from RMIT university in Melbourne with a double bachelor degree of health science/chiropractic. During his studies Alistair participated in multiple outreach programs in Melbourne, delivering Chiropractic to people in need. Alistair spent a brief period studying chiropractic abroad, in Japan to experience different techniques and develop his communication skills.

Alistair comes from a sporting background and thus has a keen interest in treating sporting injuries and giving chiropractic care to optimise sporting performance. Alistair uses a range of techniques and is committed to delivering chiropractic care to people of all ages.

Alistair loves watching and participating in all sports, especially cricket, lacrosse, AFL, soccer and tennis. Alistair also stays active by going running and swimming, as well as taking his dog Murphy for walks.


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